Online Casino Games For Real Money


Many people are ditching land-based casino venues for online casino games. The rising popularity of playing casino games online, such as poker, is getting a majority to familiarize. It might have been tough to learn these games in the past. But the internet is a resourceful place for learning as well as playing these games.


Common Casino Games


Since casino games winnings are based on chance, most of them provide real and virtual money. You can use the free accounts to establish your skillset before moving to gamble on real money. The advantages of playing on real money include bonuses, cash winnings, game variants, and many more. Below are some of the most popular casino games you can check out.


Sports betting


The most common gambling habit is sports gambling. It is not just common in South East Asia but almost the whole of Asia. When it comes to games that these people love, most are more likely to bet on them. Sports betting is a popular form of gambling that has many immersed into many popular apps offering sports betting.


Focusing on pro-betting on any particular sports increases your winning prospects signifiable by over 50%. In addition, with regulations and legal sportsbooks present, more people are likely to bet more regularly.


Currently, the most popular sports are Badminton, soccer, basketball, among others. So, it will be logically reasonable that a majority will be gravitating their betting expeditions towards these sports.




Being one of the popular casino games being played currently, roulette’s popularity has increased tremendously. Its popularity is also fueled by the fact that it’s also among the oldest casino games. Even though the rules have changed, the difference is insignificant as it still maintains most basics.


The house edge variations are attributed to the game’s different variations. An example is classic European roulette with one zero only, meaning the casino has a 2.70% advantage. On the other hand, American roulette will rise to 5.26 due to the second zero.


However, you can find a house edge of 1.35% in other markets if you’re playing online casino games. Also, there are other places you can find no-zero roulette.




Baccarat is a casino game renowned for its ability to attract many high rollers. Baccarat originally comes from France, just as the name suggests. The casino game generally involves a dealer and a player hand by a traditional card game.


Depending on the card, both the dealer and the player hand have different scores. So, in the end, the one with the highest score wins. However, you could place your bet for both, but advisably, it is better to go with the latter. It is because, at that, the possibility of a house edge being lower is higher.


Notably, this casino game is primarily popular in Macau and Asia. So if you’re looking for a casino game with real dealers, this one is undoubtedly an ideal choice. Additionally, its’ tables have some high limits.


Video poker


In this casino game, you as the operator will have the upper hand if you play perfectly, which means you will come across some variations. Remember, though, that it is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge. Also, making the best decision every time puts your odds of winning sky high.


Playing and winning in this game is not that easy. It is because of differences in rule sets per the payout table. So, a strategy that might work on one table might not be viable in the next one. Some of the most common variations in these casino games are Deuces Wild, Jacks, or Better, among others. Note that a majority of the variations are a part of online casinos easy to find.




As one of the most popular casino games, it is also the most loved game globally. In this game, you’re allowed to have the edge over your competitors through your skills. So if you’re looking for an equalizer, then this would be the best choice.

On the other hand, you can play real popular legends and win if you have a bankroll. The origin of this casino game is America and France, with Texas Hold’em as the most popular variation.

It is difficult to ignore the presence of online poker. Poker is primarily popular in America, and most of the time, they win.


South-East Asian Popular Casino apps and Games


It is no secret that case the south-east Asian region is becoming increasingly more popular with gambling. Rapid technological advancement has transformed gambling platforms into something they can carry rather than a place to visit. Since phones are more popular among many folks than PCs, many apps have been designed to fit that model. Some of these apps are;


Genesis Casino


Genesis casino primarily focuses on providing a premium casino platform. It is because it doesn’t have any sportsbook, unlike other platforms such as betway. Genesis Casino was launched in 2019, and it uses software designs by reputable companies. Games offered here are Microgaming, Play ’n go NetEnt, and others.

As a player, you will find a vast collection of card poker games and video poker. Apart from those, you will also find blackjack, Roulette, and other hundreds of slots. Genesis Casino is available on all android devices and offers great sign-up bonuses. Their bonuses can go as high as 1,000 on a local currency equivalence.




Betway is a gambling platform quite popular worldwide. The company has its headquarters based in the U.K. The app is accessible anywhere on mobile. You can either choose to login into their website or install their app.


To potential rival competitors, it owns a comprehensive repository of casino services. On the other hand, it offers sportsbook services which it is widely known for. Betway uses Microgaming software to provides a range of casino games. Some of these games on offer are;

• 44 different blackjack versions

• Ten roulette variations

• Eight live dealer games

• 59 different video poker types


If you’re a player interested in betting online slots via this app, you’ll find over diverse game variations of game slots. It’s worth noting that some of the game slots you’ll come across might be progressively the biggest jackpot in the world.


Cassola casino


Apart from being available in south-east Asia, it is predominantly popular in Europe. Because it’s based in the U.K., some of the best casino games they have are; Roulette, bingo, blackjack baccarat, etc.


The VIP service is the unique feature of this application. If you become a VIP, you’ll have special bonuses, an account manager, exclusive VIP draw price, birthday gifts, and even personal withdrawal plans. The company uses software developed by companies such as Evolution gaming, SoftBet, and others.




With over a decade and a half existing, 10Bet has managed to branch out to various parts of the world. The platform is accessible to over 30 countries, including Asian countries. In addition, 10 Bet provides a huge selection of casino games such as Roulette, blackjack, video poker, and slot games.


Like any other casino gaming company, 10 bet uses the best software from reputable companies to deliver quality games to its players. For playing in a live casino, Evolution gaming is the engine behind its dealer games.

Additionally, 10Bet also provides sportsbook services for avid fanatics of sports. Its sportsbook provides markets for numerous sports, odd, events and games. You’ll be delighted to know that they have the best round-the-clock customer are services.


Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games


It may sound odd, but there are benefits to playing online casino games, especially mobile. Even though there have been misconceptions about the credibility of its benefits, below are some of the mobile benefits.




The safety in concern here involves gambling as a problem since a majority consider gambling on the go unsafe. However, this misconception isn’t true. It is much safer and enjoyable to play your favorite online casino games.


Additionally, it is much safer to play casino games on your mobile than on your desktop. It is because the desktop might be infected by malware leading to loss of sensitive data and money. On the other hand, Android and iOS operating systems are secure since it is difficult for them to be infected by malware. With that being said, you can play your favorite casino games with less worry about losing your data.


Winning Amazing rewards


For most online casinos to add more loyal customers to their loyal users, they offer their players huge bonuses. But, on the other hand, more perks are waiting for you if you prefer mobile casinos. Mobile casinos are new, and like any gambling platform, they will motivate their players to install the app or log in via their website.


Since they’ll be looking for more players, they already know that more people own smartphones than those who own computers. So, to get these people, they will focus on mobile users with enticing offers and rewards.


Efficiency and portability of your device


As a mobile or tablet user with mobile casinos, you’re more likely to access spectacular advantages. The most significant advantage is that there’s no need to go to a land-based venue or be stuck at home.


Additionally, you have huge access to more games than the brick-and-mortar casinos. Also, you can maintain anonymity since you won’t be using your real identity. You have to choose your preferred platform and download the app or log in via the browser.

With that being said, you can pretty much access your account anywhere and play at any time you want. One thing to keep in mind, though, is to ensure your phone has enough power. Also, ensure you have a stable internet connection if you don’t want to be inconvenienced.


Utmost Convenience


There’s no need to visit a land-based casino venue or sit behind a desk staring at your computer. With an estimated market value of approximately $80 billion, the global gaming (mobile) market has had the upper hand by making its players feel comfortable.


All you need to get going is your mobile phone and a stable internet connection. Additionally, you can use WI-FI at your home or on the streets. Bear in mind that WI-FI near buildings are stable since they’re 3G-enabled.


So, you can stay all day indoors gambling, or you can pass the time during a boring lecture by gambling. With that, you can be sure that mobile casinos will offer you the utmost convenience.


Board Game Library


Since we are in the 21st century, the number of land-based casino venues gradually decreases as most gambling activities go online. Usually, you can expect between 50 and 100 slot machines with a dozen tables.


New casino games are launched daily with a lobby that can reach over a thousand titles when it comes to mobile casinos. So, mobile casino games will always ensure you have the latest games and a guarantee that you won’t be bored.




The above information clearly outlines that online casino games aren’t going anywhere and are here to stay. Instead, they are advancing, and some new ones are even generated daily. Therefore, if you’re considering gambling, you need to weigh your option first. With that, you’ll be able to control yourself, and in doing so, you can enjoy playing your preferred online casino games.