World Poker Tour

world poker tour

What is a world poker tour?


We can define a world poker tour as a universal game that comprises multiple series of international poker tournaments. This is a game launched in 2002 and is managed by WPT enterprises Inc. run by attorney and television producer Steven Lipscomb.


How does it work?


Unlike other poker games, the world poker tour is unique since it comprises of series of poker games that run for a given period. The poker games can run for about six weeks, or you can opt to play the main game, which only occurs at the end of the series. Each series consist of a game format in which the players participate depending on the number of chips. So, the game runs for the given period, and the winner among the participants is the one who will be left standing at the end of the game.


How does one qualify for the main event of the world poker tour?


Most people ask this question considering it is the “main” event that requires a lot of money input, and you can make a lot of money playing the main event. However, it is super simple to participate in the main event. As long you have some skills in poker games, then you will readily secure an entry. Just pay the entry fee, which is around 10,000 dollars (to buy chips), and win any series tournaments.


The rules of playing the games are;


The 10,000 dollars is a must-pay for entry fee, also referred to as buy-in, whereby the player is given chips in return. Chips do not have any monetary value.


All the buy-ins are collected and stored at the (prize pool) to be awarded to the winners. The wins are given depending on the payment cases. For example, 2 percent of collected money may be awarded to members who finish at number 20th out of 100. So, the higher rank you get to the game, the higher you will win. The first runners win most of the money that may double the total amount. Some people have won over millions in this game, but such people range between first, second, and third runners.


The losers in the game ( those who lose all their chips) are eliminated from the competition. Those who remain in the game are moved to different tables to ensure the game is balanced, and only the present members are shown on the game board.


As a way of motivating the players, the wins are gradually increased as the game continuous. The main event has an increase between 2 to 5 hours. It starts as low as 50 dollars up to millions of dollars. Then the players get continually eliminated until only one player is left standing who is awarded the top set money prize.


Do you have to buy poker chips with money?


The poker tournaments are not played using real money. You have to pay a one-off entry fee exchanged for chips that you will use throughout the game. You can buy chips worth between 2000 to 10000 dollars depending on the game tournament you want to play. So, you will use the chips to play, but you will be eliminated from the game if you lose your chips in the match. The only player who remains in the game is awarded a money prize at the pool prize.


Also, it depends on if you are playing in the same casino or not. The casinos do not accept chips from outside due to trust issues. So, in such a case, you may need to convert the foreign chips with money to acquire chips in the casino you want to play in.


The best world poker players as of now


Currently, Bryn Kenney is listed as the top-earning poker player with up to 55 million dollars net worth.


Others who have made history include;


Justin Bonomo with 45 million dollars net worth


Daniel Negreanu with 42 million dollars


Dan Smith 37 million dollars




World Poker Tour is a game you can play for fun and launch a career in it. Many people have won millions of money playing this game, plus it has multiple tournament levels suitable for beginners and pros. Learn how to play and purchase playing chips from this article.